Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Category: Things I Wish I'd Said

The following is said to be an absolutely true story.

It happened on a flight from Miami to Chicago many years ago. We've all been on flights where a toddler on board was, oh, restless. Well, this particular chap was beside himself -- and the passengers were beside themselves.

The crew had had enough, especially one flight attendant who did all she could to keep her cool.

Well, said flight attendant was carrying a tray of coffee cups down the aisle. Imagine a bowling alley, and the coffee cups are as pins, and the aisle is as the lane, and the toddler is as the ball ...

CRASH! Coffee all over the aisle (and presumably on some of the passengers).

Heads turn. Flight attendant glares at boy. Deep breath. "Look, um, why don't you go play outside."