Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lidia Comes to Boston!


The one and only Lidia comes to Boston for a book signing this Monday!

For twenty years I have sought out all the Italian cooking shows, everyone from Biba to Pasquale to Carlo Middione. Lidia is, in my opinion, "La Regina dei Cuochi Televisivi." Every time I see her pick up a utensil and move the food in the pan, I feel like I am watching Horowitz touch the piano keyboard. The footage from Italy is thrilling; she doesn't just grate the pecorino, she shows footage of the sheep grazing, and the woman in the shop who has made pecorino the same way for 67 years. Jeanette can testify that when Lidia's show comes on, whatever I had been doing comes to a grinding halt. This has a deleterious effect on my music but a marvelous effect on my stomach!

So in case you're looking for me next Monday, I will be at the Williams-Sonoma in the Copley Mall. (The exact address is 100 Huntington Place C9, Boston, MA 02116. For more info: (617) 262-3080)