Monday, July 12, 2010

My Remarkable Son

I have long been convinced that if Nino, age six, were someday to be a musician, he would seek to perform complete collections of pieces – the opera omnia of this composer or that.

He already owned the complete Wiggles videos; but, after all, way back then he was only five! The 14-volume collection of the Muppets’ greatest episodes is certainly more stimulating to this mature and curious mind!

Note, however, that seeing them all typed on a sheet of paper (courtesy of his step-mother) was not enough for him. Nor was he satisfied to mark the favorites of himself, his brother, father, mother, and step-mother. But it was important for him to note that Juliet Prowse was the very first episode (marked with a "1") and Roger Moore was the very last, which Nino knew was the 125th episode (though he didn't know how to write such a number, his attempt being "1025"!).