Monday, February 7, 2011

Post No. 100


What better way to celebrate our 100th post than to offer thanks for the 100th birthday of Christ Lutheran Church in Natick, MA, founded by Swedes on 24 January 1911, and for another Swedish event that occurred only a dozen days later: the birth of the great Jussi Bjoerling.

Text: Erik Gustaf Geijer
Music: Carl Sjöberg

Tanke, vars strider blott natten ser.
Toner, hos Eder om vila den ber.
Hjärta, som lider,
som lider av dagens gny.
Toner till Eder
till er vill det fly.

The thought whose struggle only night can see
[goes] to thee, music, for rest.
The heart that suffers,
that suffers from the day's commotion.
Music, to thee,
to thee would fly.

English Translation: Harald Henrysson, "The Jussi Björling Edition" (EMI)