Thursday, January 5, 2012

Countdown to Planyavsky at MIT (22 days)

A message from Marian Ruhl Metson:

Dear Leonardo,

I am thrilled that you are bringing Peter Planyavsky to play at Kresge at the end of this month. It was his teacher, Anton Heiller, whom I first heard at Kresge in October of 1965, that inspired me to go to Vienna to study in 1967. This was when the first Fisk was being installed at Harvard, and I was able to negotiate some time off from my job as Assistant Organist. When I arrived, I met the nineteen-year-old Peter who was Heiller's pride and joy. Besides playing the repertoire at an extremely mature level, like Heiller, he was also a brilliant improviser. I tried to keep track of his career and accomplishments over the years, so when I had an opportunity to play his "Fantasie in Memory of AH" at the Legacy of Anton Heiller series at Old West in May of 2009, I did so, in spite of having broken my wrist four months earlier. As you know, as my able stop puller/page turner, I had my doubts as to whether or not I could pull it off. It may be the only organ piece written that has sections for both hands playing on two manuals at the same time, along with a double pedal part. Your contribution to this effort will always remain a secret, right?

Marian Ruhl Metson
Auburn, CA